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Management Systems and Business Development


At present Poul Anker holds the following positions:


Tronex A/S – Electronic Manufacturing Service Provider (EMS) situated in Fredensborg, Denmark, where Poul is Director of Business Development and Quality Manager –

MDBC A/S – Med Tech investor and innovation Incubator Company situated in Rungsted Kyst, Denmark, where Poul is COO and Partner –

Besides Poul holds board member position in the innovation company TagAway Devices ApS

DANAK – the Danish Accreditation and Metrology Body – where Poul is technical assessor (ISO17025) related to electrical power meter calibration and verification –

On a consulting basis Poul works with a number of highly specialized companies in the Danish Electronics Industry related to setting up and implementing and auditing tailor made ISO9001 Management Systems.


Scalable Business by ISO9001 based systems


Management Control and Overview by ISO9001 based systems